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Are you ready to take your game to the next level physically & mentally?

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Hangtime Basketball Academy – enrollments are open!

Are you ready to take your game to the next level physically & mentally?
Hangtime Basketball Academy has been developing young athletes for quite a while now in Dubai. With its tested & proven basketball curriculum it has been able to transform athletes’ performance in a very short amount of time! Hangtime Basketball Academy’s coaches have put together a solid program that allows all participants to thrive with their respective groups. With a different age brackets & skill levels, players will find the sessions extremely engaging & very beneficial.

Age Brackets:

  • 4-6 (Beginner | Intermediate)
  • 7-10 (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Elite)
  • 10-12 (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Elite)
  • 12-14 (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Elite)
  • 14-16 (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Elite)
  • 16-18 (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Elite)
  • 400 AED Per Month (1 per week) + free trial session
  • 700 AED Per Month (2 per week) + free trial session
  • 900 AED Per Month (3 per week / 2 per week + League) + free trial 
  • 1,100 AED Per Month (Unlimited Package) + free trial session
Important Information:
  • Siblings discount applicable (AED 100 per child)
  •  One time kit fees applicable (AED 175 per child) includes, 2 jerseys, shorts with customized name and number as well as a backpack
  • Check attendance policy for session makeups

After your one free session is completed. You can
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Hangtime Basketball’s coaches have also split up each age bracket into three skill-based categories:


The basketball curriculum focuses on developing the athletes’ fundamental skills in basketball as well as basic speed, agility & coordination skills in a fun atmosphere to set the base. Coaches also introduce the basic principles of a mindset of a student-athlete and pay special attention to inspiring kids to fall in love with the game of basketball.


The basketball curriculum shifts its focus to developing intermediate basketball skills as well as an introduction to team offensive & defensive principles. A solid full body strength & conditioning program is integrated into the basketball curriculum to assure that athletes build strong and durable bodies. In addition, coaches bring in new concepts that allow athletes to develop a true championship mindset not just in basketball but in life.


The basketball curriculum mainly targets developing athletes’ basketball IQ, decision making and team play. This includes advanced team offensive and defensive concepts as well as high tech tools to elevate athletes’ overall performance on the court. Advanced teams are challenged constantly mentally and physically during workouts discussions and other activities.


For the best of the best! This basketball program puts athletes in a professional atmosphere where they practice 2-3 times a week and compete constantly in local leagues and tournaments. In addition, international camps, tournaments and activities are integrated into the program with world class basketball trainers to truly challenge young athletes. This program contains advanced mental concepts that allow athletes to cope with high levels of stress and demands both on and off the basketball court.

Payment & Attendance:

1. Every course is 1 month long starting the 1st of each month. Athletes are to sign up for a minimum of 1 course. All payments are to be made in advance & are non-refundable
2. There will be a one-time registration fee payment of 175 AED to enroll your child in the academy. It will include the kit (2 jerseys one black and one blue, a pair of shorts as well as a backpack)
3. A player can make up a missed class in a neighboring branch or in the same branch if any other days are available. This needs to be sent to the coach prior to confirm the availability of the session
4. Missed sessions can be compensated in the same month or in the following month
5. Players may freeze their accounts where their sessions will not count as per the following conditions:
     • Travel
     • Serious illness
     • Serious sports injury that requires rest
Freezing an account will only be permitted in one of the conditions mentioned above after providing the required documents. Participants are allowed to freeze their accounts only once every 2 courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids can start playing basketball at as young as 4yrs old. At Hangtime, our focus teaching mini basketball is to create a fun and engaging environment for the young ones to love the game of basketball while developing motor skills such as coordination, speed and agility
Our goal is not just to develop elite athletes but outstanding human beings. At Hangtime Basketball, we utilize the basketball court as a platform to teach the principals of life. Kids mature mentally with Hangtime Basketball.

It allows the coaches at Hangtime Basketball to properly asses your child and place him in the relevant group respectfully. This will allow your child to fully benefit from the session as the drills and skills being tough are suitable for his/her level

At Hangtime Basketball Academy In Dubai, our qualified coaches follow a progressive curriculum that has been proven to succeed for years. We highly recommend that your child attends at least two practices every week to ensure that he/she does not miss out on key concepts being taught during each session.

Yes! Depending on their skill level and age brackets, friendly games and tournaments are set for the kids to compete in as part of the program

Yes, all you have to do is inform our coaching staff prior. Players are also allowed to train in multiple locations with multiple teams.

We accept all payment methods including online payment, bank transfer and cash.