Terms and Conditions

1. General Rules

1.1. All athletes are subjected to always listen and respect the coaching staff
1.2. Hangtime Basketball has the right to reject any participant for any reason. The remaining balance of the participant’s payment will be refunded in that case
1.3. Hangtime Basketball is not responsible in any way for any injuries or death accidents that happen on or off the court prior, during or after its sessions
1.4. Hangtime Basketball is not responsible in any way for any loss or damage of personal items or belongings
1.5. Hangtime Basketball has the right to take pictures and videos of its players and use them for marketing and advertising purposes

2. Payment & Attendance:

2.1. Every course is 1 month long including 8 sessions. Athletes are to sign up for a minimum of 1 course. All payments are to be made in advance & are non-refundable
2.2. There will be a one-time registration fee payment of 175AED to enroll your child to the academy. It will include the kit (double sided jersey with costume name and number + one sided short)
2.3. A player is only permitted to miss one session per course. In that case, his/her missed session will be compensated in the following course
2.4. In case a player misses more than one session a month, only one session will be compensated. The other sessions will be counted.
2.5. Players may freeze their accounts where their sessions will not count as per the following conditions:
   • Travel
   • Serious illness
   • Serious sport injury that requires rest
Freezing an account will only be permitted in one of the conditions mentioned above after providing the required documents. Participants are allowed to freeze their accounts only once every 2 courses.

3. Covid-19 Regulations:

3.1. The school security will be conducting a thermal check upon entry. any parent, player, or coach with a temperature over 37.5 will not be permitted to enter the school campus
3.2. The sessions will be in an indoor court. According to the sports council, it is preferable that only the players and coaches to be in the gym due to the COVID-19 situation. With that being said, parents are allowed to watch the sessions while maintaining social distancing on the benches
3.3. Training will be resumed normally, including games and competitions as announced by the sports council. We will try to maintain social distancing between kids when possible
3.4. A Hand sanitizer will be available for your use, you may also bring yours. Gloves are not mandatory. Face masks can be lowered or removed by the players and coaches only when running the sessions
3.5. Any enrolled player who still has remaining balance with the academy will start his/her sessions with their remaining balance. However, the new attendance policy applies. Note that a player has the right to put his/her account on freeze due to the current pandemic if he/she will not be attending their sessions.

4. Referral Program:

The referral program has been set in place for currently enrolled players to benefit from spreading the word about Hangtime Sports Academy.
4.1. Only players who are enrolled in the academy can benefit from this program
4.2. The new participant will have to fill out the player’s name in the registration form (how did you hear about us section) to have the enrolled player benefit out of this program
4.3. If 4.1 & 4.2 apply, then the enrolled player will receive a 100AED discount on his/her next registration.
4.4. The referral discount cannot be exchanged with cash, credit, or any other value.
4.5. The referral discount cannot be transferred to any other player’s account.
4.6. The referral discount applies to the next registration of the player benefitting from it. It applies for one course only.